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Education & Outreach


Pacific Fisheries Coalition sponsors state aquatics conferences; distributes informational booklets to communities in Hawai`i and around the Pacific; has produced for broadcast on `Olelo community television sessions on marine reserves and on locally managed marine areas in Fiji. Currently a marine reserve network educational video is projected. Other educational efforts include a marine reserves bus poster, a four-color marine reserves poster, a revised Fun Fish Facts kids' brochure and a comprehensive briefing booklet on marine reserves, lay gillnets, the aquarium trade, etc. which are distributed to the media as well as the legislature. PFC articles on fish replenishment areas were published in the Honolulu Weekly and Hawai`i Fishing News.

For more information on our educational and outreach products and projects, please contact our PFC Outreach Coordinator (and fish artist!), Ellyn Tong:

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